"There is an element of risk in places I visit, whether it is from buildings collapsing, encounters with unpleasant strangers or from being caught by walkers, whilst acting bizarrely in front of a camera, in a short dress on a winter’s day!"

In issue four, we continue to investigate the most remarkable stories from in and around Somerset. Here's a taste of what we have in store for you:

The One in the Dress
Drawn to her haunting slow shutter work, we talk to Helena Whitten, photographer, explorer, performance artist. Photos: Helena Whitten.

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John Boyd Textiles
Hidden away in an almost forgotten corner of Castle Cary, Britain’s only surviving weaver of horsehair fabric still uses techniques and looms dating back to 1870. We take a tour with Managing Director, Anna Smith. Photo: Oxana Mazur.

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Tom McEwan, Master Goldsmith
For more than thirty years, maverick jewellery designer Tom McEwan has been blazing a trail that’s taken him from Soho to Somerset. Photo: Caroline True

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One of our favourite Bristol stores started life as a pop-up in the owners’ sitting room. We talk to Erica Dubuisson about Lowlands and the concept of the occasional shop. Photo: Derryn Vranch

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And that's just the beginning...

Banner photo: Helena Whitten.