"Tales of devils dancing on wires and hell being unleashed on earth soon became widespread and Crosse became known as the ‘Thunder and Lightning Man’ and the ‘Wizard of Broomfield’."

In issue two, we investigate some remarkable stories, from the past and the present. Here's a taste of what we have in store for you:

The Thunder & Lightning Man
He bottled lightning, was accused of meddling with creation and is rumoured to be the inspiration behind Frankenstein, but was Andrew Crosse really the science behind the fiction? Andrew Crosse lived a remarkable life, of this there is no doubt. Though built on foundations of solid fact, there are chapters of his story that beggar belief and, to this day, elude explanation. Illustration: Jack Perkins.

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The Small Shop
There’s a stretch of road in Bath where the appeal of the Georgian architecture is heightened by the contrast of over-sized 20th century gate-crashers, and where the atmosphere is a little grittier than it is in neighbouring streets, just a few hundred yards deeper into the heart of the city. Photo: Oxana Mazur.


James Gillingham, Surgical Mechanist
Bootmaker turned prosthetics designer, James Gillingham transformed the lives of thousands. His work also proved that form and function can go hand in hand. 
Photo: Oxana Mazur


The Local
One man’s journey takes him halfway around the world in search of a decent pint of cider and some good company. We talk to Chris Chapman about his haunting photographs and his favourite place, the Seymour Arms in Witham Friary. Photo: Chris Chapman. 


And that's just the beginning...

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