"Could you walk through the performance
as though it was a piece of music?
And the bridge itself is time,
and you're walking through time, 
and by standing still you'd be in a sound loop,
and by moving forwards you would
experience the entire piece."

We are very excited about the stories we have to share in issue one. Here's a brief look at just some of the features we have lined up for you:

Human Harp
Described by The New York Times as one of the top six ‘new generation visionaries’ in the international digital arts scene, Di Mainstone is developing ‘body-centric’ musical instruments, embedded with digital sensors that trigger sound through movement. And her next instrument? Clifton Suspension Bridge. 

Going Underground
We find ourselves in the midst of Bristol Museum’s natural history store, surrounded by a collection that has been 200 years in the making. The scale and scope of the collection is truly mind-blowing, comprising more than 650,000 specimens, from the smallest insect to the hugest of skeletons.
Photo: Ed Stone

The Story Collector
Sharply dressed in his trademark tweed suit, Marc Allum has been a regular on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow since 1998. We join Marc at his beautiful Wiltshire home to talk about collecting. Photo: Marc Allum.

Temple Cycles
Following their move from Milverton to Bristol, we take a closer look at the cycle makers building a reputation for quality and timeless style, one bike at a time.  
Photo: Temple Cycles

Here’s a feature from issue one for you to enjoy (don’t forget to click on the full screen icon).

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Banner photo: Oxana Mazur

Model/Make-up: Rebecca Rose Robinson 

Headdress: Hysteria Machine