"Yet, amongst this stark environment, there is also great beauty, and I immediately found myself lost in the architecture of the place’."

In issue three, we continue to investigate Somerset's most remarkable stories. Here's a taste of what we have in store for you:

Gladys Paulus Textile Artist
Working mainly in handmade felt textiles, Gladys has grown quite a following as both artist and teacher. Fascinated by her life and work, we set out to discover a little more about the woman behind the mask. Photo: Juraj Ladziansky.

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Second Nature
On their journey from the Oudolf Field to 42 Acres, we talk to Urquhart & Hunt, the landscape architects with a forward-thinking attitude that owes a lot to the past. Photo: Magnus Dennis.


Godney Arts House
Imagine, for a moment, a riverside cottage in the heart of the Somerset countryside, filled with the most beautiful, unique things. It's a place where you can stay but it's also a place where almost everything is for sale – essentially, a living gallery. Now let your imagination relax; creative people have a way of turning the products of their imagination into reality... Photo: Oxana Mazur


The Final Stretch
By the time HMP Shepton Mallet closed on 28th March 2013, there had been a prison on the site for 403 years. Despite covering an area of more than two acres, the complex of imposing prison buildings is surprisingly well-hidden from all but the most inquisitive urban explorers and the local residents who share their neighbourhood with this sleeping giant known as Cornhill. Photo: Oxana Mazur


And that's just the beginning...

Banner photo: Bella West