This Rectangle

In issue four, Debbie Hillyerd, Director of Education at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, introduces us to the Bruton art centre’s youth group, Arthaus. The group recently worked on a project with artist duo John Wood and Paul Harrison to produce the short film, This Rectangle (2018).

“This was a unique opportunity for members of Arthaus to work alongside the artists, learn about their creative processes, embrace collaborative practice and produce an original short film,” explains Debbie. “Each participant received their own copy of the film, a valuable addition to their portfolio for those who are just about to apply to art college. John Wood and Paul Harrison worked brilliantly with each member of the group, and certainly a strong working party became evident, yet they still maintained the character of each individual in the group.”

In the feature, we also hear from Arthaus student, India Savill who was keen to share her thoughts on what the group has meant to her, since joining a year ago:

“I first joined Arthaus looking for some inspiration and a direction for my creativity. However, since being involved, I’ve realised it’s given me so much more than that. Since being part of the group at Hauser & Wirth, I have gained so much knowledge and confidence – in myself and in the way I work as an artist. Arthaus has given me once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: interviewing artists and visiting private studios, and it has even introduced me to filmmaking, working alongside John Wood and Paul Harrison, helping them create This Rectangle (2018). I am also extremely proud to be able to add my involvement with Arthaus to my CV – it is great experience to have and I am so pleased that we have Hauser & Wirth Somerset right on our doorstep.

Working with John and Paul has been my favourite Arthaus project so far. We planned, took test shots and filmed the entirety of the film in just a handful of evenings. Seeing the film on show at Hauser & Wirth, and receiving a copy to add to my portfolio, was just amazing and working with these artists really opened my eyes, not only to filmmaking but to a whole world of experiences within the world of art.

It was so interesting to see how John and Paul worked, and where their inspiration comes from, and so rewarding to step back at the end and see the finished product – the result of all our hard work. I’m so grateful for what Arthaus has given me, and my only regret is that I didn’t get involved sooner!”

You can read the full feature in issue four of SOME SUCH magazine.

This Rectangle (2018) appears here courtesy of John Wood and Paul Harrison with Arthaus.